Why KB Drill Bits?


Generally speaking, the rock drill has not been developed in velocity and noise reduction since it was initially invented in 1928. Hammer drills have for many years been progressing on the market. The two largest disadvantages with hammer drills regarding health issues are loud noises or powerful vibrations which can cause permanent injuries.


KB Drill Bits have developed a type of drill bit that, in most cases, can compete with the hammer drill. KB Drill Bits can be used in a entirely regular battery driven drill, and the drilling velocity is overwhelming compared to other drill bits on the market. KB Drill Bits drills significantly faster through the materials than regular drill bits, which has a considerable impact on the battery life.

KB Drill Bits drills more accurate holes, which means that fixings like rawl plugs provide about 20% higher tensile strenght.


The durability on KB Drill Bits is doubled compared to other drill bits. Furthermore, our drill bits can endure drilling in practically all types of wood without the drill bit tip getting overheated. This means a reduced use of time, in that a shift between wood- and rock drill bits will not be necessary at the construction work.